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So I'll be blogging?


On this very day as I write this blog post, I’ve turned 23. I’ve always wanted to start blogging but never found the motivation to do so. If you knew me better, you’d know that I’m more of a “do person” than a “think and write” person.

However, as I’m getting older and birthday depression hits hard, I finally found the courage and made a resolution! Today is the day I’ll start blogging!


And here I am, writing this. I have a plan to publish at least one new post each month. Don’t expect any rocket science here, but I’ll make sure to write about things that might help anyone do things more efficiently than I had to! 😊

On the other hand, I’ll probably also write about my life and tech career in general, so if that’s more your style - you’ll get it! If not, well, I’m sorry :P

Thanks for reading this first chaotic one. Have a great day!